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Plasmaline & Plasmaline-NG (microwave SWP and MWP)

Lukas Alberts, Nagoya University

This is a basic model of a surface wave type microwave Argon plasma. (2D-axisymmetric)(the rest is taken over from the library model)

It is called Plasmaline by its producer.

70 Pa Argon at 500W and 2,45GHz

i have now, something I called a plasmafinger that went to the end of calculation. but the time step are really small (1e-9 in average), so it took more than 4 days.(finger-upload.mph)

I have problems in measuring the absorbed power by the plasma?

I included the new version of the plasmaline, called MVP here in Nagoya.
(Plasmaline NextGeneration).
It is a very rudimentary model, not sure it simulates reality, but its looks close to it.
It is a TM model that would work for now only with this very restraint parameters settings (would be happy to know why). The doppler broadening parameter is set to 0,5 !!! but it is my first converging model for this special surface wave plasma geometry. (after 1 year of stumbling around)

it is slowly getting better. I get convergence with delta values of 5 !
some calculations run up to one or two milliseconds which I can declare as steady state with delta values of 10.
The Argon reactions are not well calibrated, I was from the beginning using to high input values for Bias or Power.
I added a new version of our MVP plasma configuration (still not optimal, one of my early models but comparatively still one of my best).

I am interested in a set of Nitrogen cross-sections..?

User Comments

Ruifeng Sun
Oct 30, 2013 at 8:52am UTC

more than 4 days???The CPU of your computer can bear it???when the calculation of the simulation is very solw,what i always do is to abort the solve.

Lukas Alberts
Entry submitter
Jan 20, 2014 at 5:08am UTC

yes, I agree, most of the time it is useless to continue calculating.
I would be happy to have a nitrogen plasma model?

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